Saturday, 30 May 2009

Toy Story 3 teaser..



Stand-up of the Week

Friday, 29 May 2009

Yo Teach...!

High school is tough enough without the added distractions of drug abuse, teen pregnancy and anorexia. Fortunately for the colorful underachievers at Jackson High, theres a teacher whos got their back: Mr. Bradford (Mark Taylor Jackson), the wise-cracking mentor of Yo Teach...! Each week, Mr. Bradford tosses his lesson plan to the wind and tackles a new moral dilemma while keeping one step ahead of Principal Andrews and the politically correct PTA.


Vimeo is the best. Our Kaanye West Moc-Video from a few months back looks much better now on vimeo, so take 3 minutes out of your day and re-watch us fucking about with Kanye & Jeezy as the soundtrack in the freezing Janary cooollldddd.

TropicalTV: Kanye West Amazing from TropicalTV on Vimeo.



Passion Pit 'The Reeling'. Really great track and an amazing video, going to be big this summer, catch them agt the Festivals across the country, they are a really good live band apparently.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Must be able to: fight, steal and pervert the course of justice.
Matching attire necessary.

Fever Ray - When I Grow Up

Fever Ray released her debut album in March this year, and if I'm honest I didn't pay much attention. This video, however, has got my attention, brilliant song, brilliant visuals.


Above is us being snapped by London Photographer and friend of the TropicalTV family, Fats aka Fatsarazzi. Well the beautiful man himself has just collaborated with legendary Japanese artist Futura on a few T-Shirts. I like them so much, FATS I NEED ONE!!!! To walk around with Fats' face on my chest is what dreams are made of. You want one to, right?

Have a look:

And the story of the photograph on the back of each t-shirt:

Fashion blogging juggernaught HYPEBEAST.COM beat us to featuring this Collabo, but oh well, go and have a look at all the t-shirts and go and buy one! or Two?

Click here for store: FUTURA ONLINE STORE

thanks and Be Well.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Weekend Ish..

It's fun having the power to decide when & where u get off the bus..
Did bring bad memories of falling of a routemaster and hitting the back of a car.. NOT FUN

Empty seats.. surprisingly..


Solange gig @ Heaven



Solange b&w





Sakura London

The infamous Sakura


First Bite?

Katsu Don..

Katsu Don..
the meal of Champions Don's...


Stand-up of the Week

I thought I'd start a little feature just to share stand-up clips I find on youtube that I think you good people might like. I'll try to do it every week but who knows.

This weeks video comes from the best stand-up in Britain today: Stewart Lee.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Fridge Apple

I recently saw, while watching Breakfast on the BBC, that apples are actually better off in the fridge rather than a fruit bowl. With a frresh batch of apples in, there was only one place I could store them without getting a nagging sense of suriosity.

So, yesterday night, I fancied an apple, to one out the fridge. All I can say is fridge apples are what dreams are made of, crunchy, cool and juicy - three ingredients for a good apple. try it guys, put your apples in your fridge, no homo.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

iTunes LIVE London Festival '09

Free gigs..
Good Artists/Bands [minus Flo rida]

What can you complain about..

More to be announced.. to get the FREE tickets, apply for them on the Facebook or here

Last year i tried and FAILED to get N*E*R*D tkts at that show they recorded the "Spazz" video then I got tickets to see Roots Manuva x Sway.. but couldn't attend..

"Welcome to Heartbreak"

Best of luck..


free jacket.

hey ttv fans.
harrington here.

i just wanted to share this with everyone.

as sad a day it is, i feel as though my unique fashion sense, the blazer and hoodie combination, may be coming to an end.
so i thought i'd take a look at TOPMAN's website, and mope at the fact i can't actually afford a new wardrobe at the moment.
anyway, was browsing the categories when i thought i'd check out their jackets, when i stumbled across this diamond:

yes, your eyes do not decieve you. that is a £60 leather jacket on sale for £0.
(take note: not actual leather, there are leather jackets but this one is obviously, veggie friendly.)

it's obvs an error or something and i thought i might as well give it a go to see if the price changes at checkout.
it didn't!

all i had to pay was the £4 postage, so i went through and completed the transaction.
confirmation email and all sorts:

they can't charge me anymore now, there's a law against that isn't there?
false advertising and shit.
plus, i only have 7 odd quid in my account anyway, and if they charged the 60 i'd have to beg for paypal donations again.

i'll let you all know what happens, and if everything goes smoothly, there might just be a free jacket for you as well!

remember, if you wanna know more or just fancy a chat, drop me a line:


ps. sorry for the lazy presentation of this post. harrington is tired.

TTV are interviewed by Street Talk

me and luke are interviewed by the cool guys over @ street talk.
we talk about all things tropicaltv.

Street Talk The Creatives: Tropical TV from Jama Noor on Vimeo.

lol material?

i thought so.

Tropical TV with... Asher Roth

chillin' in london, eating a pear
The first episode of "Tropical TV with.. "

More to come!


Please Don't Send Me Shit

The BNP sent me a nice little leaflet today. It is actually shocking how ridiculous they are. I decided to fill in the subtext for you - Perez Hilton style.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Whatever Works Trailer.

The trailer for "Whatever Works"
I don't know much about Woody Allen movies, but this one seems watchable and hilarious..
Anything with L.D has to be.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Clark and Michael

About two years back Michael Cera and buddy Clark Duke released a ten episode internet series following there journey to get a showe they had written commissioned. It's a funny mocumentary and the episode vary from 7-12 minutes long so aren't a big effort to watch. See them all
p.s: two years late doesn't count as late does it? Because the blog didn't even exist when it came out.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Stop Lying Comedy Central

Comedy Central are advertising Two and a Half Men as the best American sitcom ever, or something along them lines. So when the new series starts don't watch it, it's shit. I will now list some shows that are better.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Flight of the Conchords
Malcolm in the Middle
Arrested Development
Freaks and Geeks
Saved by the Bell

Are all better than Two and a Half Men. Haven't watched more than a couple of episodes, so I could be misjudging it.

Tempz - Next Hype

Video of the year. Grime tune of the year. Hype track of the year.



Iain Lee Wrestles A Listener

Phone Sex

It drags on a bit, but is proper funny.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Weekend Ish..

Went to the Zoo this weekend.. was funz..
I forgot Animals could be wonderful & amazing not just dangerous & annoying.



The Croc.
What up Croc


Waters.. look up

birds and the grass

Next some..
Your mum and dad are..

What up Lion

Some animals were just plain lazy, i know you've been abducted from your habitat and all but sheez.. do something..

What up Tiger

My new fav. of the animal kingdom..

A fav of mine..

Giraffe's.. have no idea why but they are amazing..

Hey its me!


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Staying in tonight?

Hey Harrington fans,
... I mean, hey TTV fans!
Harrington here, back after a long blogging drought.

  • Friends flake out on you?
  • Broke your ass?
  • Or just fancy a night in with the (tropical) tellybox?

I thought I'd give some fun links for those of us staying in this Saturday night, for whatever reason. Enjoy:

Pandemic 2

- Fun flash game where the aim is to wipe out the entire human race be creating your own disease. Feel free to have some controversial fun naming your disease "Swine Flu."

Play Auditorium

- Don't really know how to describe this. Check it out though. It's a mix of a puzzle game, modern art and a musical instrument. Enjoy.

Tropical TV

- It's funzies.


- Got some spare cash in your bank? Not had dinner? Treat yourself to something exotic. This site has Jamaican food.

World of Warcraft

- Try the 10 day trial of World of Warcraft, but be prepared to sign your life away as you sink into a world of magical fun.

Google Map Fun

- Take a look at some crazy satellite photos of the world, including such things as crop circles, car accidents and aeroplanes where they shouldn't be.

Start a Website

- Use your initiative, and start your own website. It can be about literally anything, use your imagination and then become one of Tropical TV's online buddies.

I think I'll stop there. It's a pretty mediocre list if I'm honest, but it's something. In a virtual world full of social networking sites, online encyclopedias and Youtube, I'm becoming increasingly into weird and new websites, with new concepts.

Do you know one?
Send an email to or leave a comment here!

Much love,

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Juicy Juice

Is this a big drink in the States? I reckon it could go through the roof on these here streets. Bring Juicy Juice to the UK! I would give my middle nut for drop of this.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Harry Potter the great

Chatting to a certain lad of Team Tropical, i discovered he has NO LOVE for the brilliant Harry Potter books, and thinks I should spend time reading "proper" books like "Art Of War"

tsk tsk..
so wrong..
the new trailer of the upcoming movie is all the proof you need to justify the greatness of H.P

Action/Comedy/Teenage Romance/Long-Haried Pedo Mentor/

If you don't own the complete H.P series you have

a) Not lived
b) Missed 7 of the greatest books in your lifetime
c) You are a wasteman

I could go on but i rather not, i'm trying to catch up with The Wire


Kinda Like A Big Deal (LIVE)

This is the best track around right now, when I first heard it I felt a bit dissapointed, THE CLIPSE FT. KANYE WEST....I was expecting my head to explode, and it didn't. The more I listen to the track and now seeing footage of them smashing it live in NYC's Webster Hall, I realise this track is....Kinda like a big deal.

The Clipse - Kinda Like A Big Deal

I need to see them live.


We're switching it up...'s video content was mainly being hosted through YOUTUBE until now, we are moving over to VIMEO as of tonight. This will ensure you getting more out of our videos.
Exciting times are abreast at, things are moving forward and we have several videos released very, very soon. The first will be 'TropicalTV with: Asher Roth'. So keep watching, and keep supporting, it's appreciated.

Oh and I had to choose a random picture to go with this post. I think I chose a good one. Haha.


Iain Lee gets a Sony

All of us at are huge fans of Iain Lee, and his radio broadcasts have at large been unsung, and uncelebrated. When really the are groundbreaking, interesting and 90% of the time hilariously funny. Before tuning into Iain Lee when he was on LBC 97.3(London phone-in station) a few years ago I had never heard anything this gripping on the radio before, something so funny...full of mental people calling in and Iain Lee directing it all like a puppet master. Brilliant.
This week he won a Sony Silver award(the oscars of radio), would have won a gold but was beaten by Brixton Prisons radio broadcasts, which cleaned up at the awards and won several.
Here is what the judgees said about Iain Lee's show now on Absolute Radio:
"Iain Lee is quite literally a riot! From his early days on TV, through his fledgling days on radio, until now, he has always provoked a reaction - and not always a positive one! He is a risk taker and a dedicated fan of all things Gonzo. However, to dismiss him as a chaos tourist would be missing the point. Iain's entry displayed huge skill, and subtly guides his special guests (his listeners) to deliver exactly whats needed to create a alternative world where anything is possible and the lines of listener and host become gloriously blurred. He manages this without ever feeling out of control or needy. It was also very very funny! A modern day media treasure, who has so much more potential yet to be recognised."
For more of Iain go to:


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sneak Peaks

Wait til we get our money riiiiight...

Ep.1 - TropicalTV with... Asher Roth

Ep.2 - TropicalTV with...Example.