Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Harry Potter the great

Chatting to a certain lad of Team Tropical, i discovered he has NO LOVE for the brilliant Harry Potter books, and thinks I should spend time reading "proper" books like "Art Of War"

tsk tsk..
so wrong..
the new trailer of the upcoming movie is all the proof you need to justify the greatness of H.P

Action/Comedy/Teenage Romance/Long-Haried Pedo Mentor/

If you don't own the complete H.P series you have

a) Not lived
b) Missed 7 of the greatest books in your lifetime
c) You are a wasteman

I could go on but i rather not, i'm trying to catch up with The Wire



  1. aw man..iv been watching the wire after hearing the hype about it..
    whyyys it on so bloody late?
    and I dont fully understand watching it for the sake of watching it..ha

  2. Art Of War >> Harry f*cking Potter

  3. Yeah, I stand by my comments, Harry Potter is terrible. If me and you ever have a war, I got this shitz on lock.

    But really, the book is about war, but it isn't really, it is taking ancient chinese war strategy into real life. Really interesting and will help you along your way. I still havent finished, been distracted.