Thursday, 21 May 2009

free jacket.

hey ttv fans.
harrington here.

i just wanted to share this with everyone.

as sad a day it is, i feel as though my unique fashion sense, the blazer and hoodie combination, may be coming to an end.
so i thought i'd take a look at TOPMAN's website, and mope at the fact i can't actually afford a new wardrobe at the moment.
anyway, was browsing the categories when i thought i'd check out their jackets, when i stumbled across this diamond:

yes, your eyes do not decieve you. that is a £60 leather jacket on sale for £0.
(take note: not actual leather, there are leather jackets but this one is obviously, veggie friendly.)

it's obvs an error or something and i thought i might as well give it a go to see if the price changes at checkout.
it didn't!

all i had to pay was the £4 postage, so i went through and completed the transaction.
confirmation email and all sorts:

they can't charge me anymore now, there's a law against that isn't there?
false advertising and shit.
plus, i only have 7 odd quid in my account anyway, and if they charged the 60 i'd have to beg for paypal donations again.

i'll let you all know what happens, and if everything goes smoothly, there might just be a free jacket for you as well!

remember, if you wanna know more or just fancy a chat, drop me a line:


ps. sorry for the lazy presentation of this post. harrington is tired.