Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Iain Lee gets a Sony

All of us at are huge fans of Iain Lee, and his radio broadcasts have at large been unsung, and uncelebrated. When really the are groundbreaking, interesting and 90% of the time hilariously funny. Before tuning into Iain Lee when he was on LBC 97.3(London phone-in station) a few years ago I had never heard anything this gripping on the radio before, something so funny...full of mental people calling in and Iain Lee directing it all like a puppet master. Brilliant.
This week he won a Sony Silver award(the oscars of radio), would have won a gold but was beaten by Brixton Prisons radio broadcasts, which cleaned up at the awards and won several.
Here is what the judgees said about Iain Lee's show now on Absolute Radio:
"Iain Lee is quite literally a riot! From his early days on TV, through his fledgling days on radio, until now, he has always provoked a reaction - and not always a positive one! He is a risk taker and a dedicated fan of all things Gonzo. However, to dismiss him as a chaos tourist would be missing the point. Iain's entry displayed huge skill, and subtly guides his special guests (his listeners) to deliver exactly whats needed to create a alternative world where anything is possible and the lines of listener and host become gloriously blurred. He manages this without ever feeling out of control or needy. It was also very very funny! A modern day media treasure, who has so much more potential yet to be recognised."
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