Thursday, 21 May 2009

Please Don't Send Me Shit

The BNP sent me a nice little leaflet today. It is actually shocking how ridiculous they are. I decided to fill in the subtext for you - Perez Hilton style.

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  1. haha, good work mate.
    BNP are classic, so ridiculous.
    there was a geezer at the tube station tryna hand me out one of these a few days ago.

    for speaking the bloody truth
    im sick of people saying that the bnp have their own right to have such opinion is they dont! racist views should not be even in the same race as the other political the year 2009, the government is still allowing racism to happenright under everyones noses- feels a bit stone age right?
    Im asian..and so Im obviously apposed (reall really apposed!) to the bnp..
    why not embrace multiculturalism?
    someone I know recently announced her support for the bnp on facebook, she was a huge hip hop fan, listing the likes of kano, tinchy ect on her music list- surely in the bnps eyes these particular guys shouldnt be in the country..the irony in it!
    i live in an area (prodominatly white) which whenever i share my views of the bnp im knocked down ('its called freedom of speech' 'they have a right to what ever they want to say' etc) which makes me feel sad about this country to be honest..trying to make comparisions with america im seeing that they have more unity (however, i kno on the surface this may be the case, but i dont really hear about the racism parties ect thats probs not true)
    its jus good to hear you speaking the truth..
    sorry i went on a bit!
    voting in june? my first time..can ya guess who i wont be voting for?!
    O x

  3. i second that.
    what he said.

    thanks for your comments.
    keep your eye out for "Tropical TV... Gets Political" coming soon.
    (it's not, but it might be.)

  4. guys..
    im a she!
    but yeah thanks..haha
    O x

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  6. tropicaltv brings the ladies to the blog.