Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm Louis Theroux, I'm Louis Theroux...

Harrington has infiltrated the 'World of Warcraft' community, so I thought I would put my pervy geek hat on and join the world of the chat room(like its 1999 again). A Teen chat room at that. I had a few beers before hand so I was feeling like I was Louis Theroux in the legendary Orgy episode.

Here were my findings:

I then left as I was laughing so hard Carlsberg came out of my nose, but I did discover there are still nuff' Paedos and Perverts on the internet. Stay safe kids.

Luke aka. Big WillyEst aka. Louis Theroux aka. Oprah

This is a High

Friday, 27 February 2009

Don't Shit Your Pants..

With the recession and everything you probably can't afford the newest xbox game :( so lets take it back with an good ol' typing game..

You have to find a way not to shat your pants, in less than 1min..
not really educational but real intriguing.. seriously

Play "Don't Shit Your Pants"
and hope you don't see this...


Internet Slang: Vol. 1

I found a dictionary of Internet Slag, it's a treasure trove
I have chose some of my favourites from A and B, I haven't made any of these up:

aoc - age of consent
anuda - another (That's just patois?)
asarbambtaa - All submissions are reviewed by a moderator before they are added.
azn - asian
balz - balls
bb4h - bros before hoes
bewbz - boobs
bmf - be my friend (Now that's sad.)

That's just A & B, there are plenty more. I will report back with C & D some time in the future.

I Love College

Interviewed one of my favourite artists yesterday, yes, Asher Roth is in the UK. He has blown up all over the internets, and after discussing my boat shoes and rolled up jeans look, we done our interview and had a nice chat for a good half an hour. Such a cool guy, and it was a really good interview. Catch him doing some TropicalTV based antics soon, it's in the pipeline. BRING ON THE US OF A IN THE SUMMER.

Asher Roth - I Love College (Official Video)

He is THAT guy.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bunchlock's Adventures...

So, in an earlier blog I mentioned I had started playing WoW.
Second day, and I am already into it.

It's a HUGE online world, and there's just too much to do, so I started with some of the basic quests to get me going, I've completed about 5 of them now. I've also found myself some new threads, so my level 2 warlock is now a level 4 warlock, looking a bit more snazzy (however, I did find these "new threads" on the floor in the forest.)

Picky recommended I share some screenshots, so I have.

In one you'll see I stumbled across a group of level 70's, they were on some group quest thing and were just passing by to stay at the inn. I walked over, a lost level 2, and asked rather pathetically "how do i get back to the abbey?" which got a whole lot of "lol, aww" 's.

However, they were nice and did eventually point me into the right direction, right before they all jumped on they're rides - one had a flaming horse, the other had what I can only describe as an elephant?

It's been an exciting 2 days in the world of warcraft...

Namaste, Harrington.

It's Amazing, So Amazing

Luke and Patrick star in TropicalTV's music video for Kanye West Amazing featuring Young Jeezy. It is sort of like that old MTV show where sad members of the public got a make-over like there favourite pop-stars and made there own video of one of their songs.

If you so wish you can click through to Youtube where you can rate, favourite, subscribe and comment. We are starting to get the Youtube channel going.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Playing with the new laptop...

So, I've been doing as the title says, and it's very exciting.

I was thinking of potential things to do, when I remembered that advert on the TV with Ozzy Osbourne and Mr T about World of Warcraft. There is a 10 day free trial over at (I should be getting some sort of commission for this shit.)
Anyway, I started it up about half hour ago, and it looks interesting. I've heard a lot about it but never played it.
Anyone big on World of Warcraft?
I'd like to know a bit more about people's experience with it before I jump into any long term commitments (there's a monthly subscription, and I'm too scared to try and get around it and play for free.)

I'm Bunchlock, the level 2 Human Warlock.
Impressive yeah?

Much love, Harrington.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Harrington's Video Diary 2


It's my 18th birthday today.
And I thought i'd do a bit of a blog, well... vlog.

Watch this bitches:

I know i fucked up the music credits, but I couldn't be arsed to change it.

Much love, Harrington.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

houseparty & beautiful day..




Friday, 20 February 2009

Hey Tropical fans.

Harrington here.

Haven't blogged in a while, so I thought i'd drop you all a nice little poem:

"My name is Bunchy or Bunch.
I like to have veggies for lunch.
Partly for the animals, partly for munch.
But mainly because of the credit crunch."

No, that wasn't my poem.
Here it is:

"Birds are nice when they fly.
Cars are nice when they drive.
My mouth feels kinda dry.
I like being alive.

Sometimes I don't wear clothes.
Sometimes I wear your underwear.
Most times I burn your underwear.
And snort the remaining ash up my nose.
When you ask me where your garments have gone,
I shut you up by singing that Katy Perry song.

The one about kissing girls."

Stay tuned for a few things coming soon:
- Drunk Harry footage.
- Some rants about Terry Wogan
- Some more rants about Xbox 360.
- And much, much more.

Thank you, namaste and good luck.


Made Me Laugh

Things like this never make me laugh, but this picture did. Maybe it was because I was in a silly 'happy-fun-fun funster' mood, or maybe well...this picture is kinda funny. WHO KNOWS? All I know is, I laughed....Its not actually funny is it?

It really isn't funny is it? Sorry.


I like this track alot, Bun B is one of the originators of the dirty south rap scene, from way back in the days of UGK. Lil Wayne, well you know about him, and Drake is being tipped as the next big thing, but aren't they all?? All I know is it's a big track. Listen here.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


One half of the Tropical TV team on some swings.
Was watching Louis Theroux's documentary on Swingers last night and it reminded me how fun swings were. An underated form on playing, and I think more adults should enjoy swings.
In short, Swings are not just for kids. So do go to your local playground and jump on a swing. It's a laugh and ting.

The Simpsons Change for HD

The Simpsons have changed there main title sequence after 19 years, as they are now in HD. I like it it's good, change is good.


She actually exists according to the internets..


Monday, 16 February 2009

Then & Now

Simple Times.

Just inappropriate.


The Wire coughs up many classic TV moments, but this one might be the most legendary. A scene which entirely consists of the word 'fuck'.

On the theme of 'Fuck', here is a shortened down version of Superbad.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My weekend.... in food

13 Year Old Father.. IS A G..


You got my vote little fella.. anyone tasted Chili Chocolate yet?
I rather not..

Guinness Punch.. too good..


Back to Uni...

Back to the staple..

Dominos + The Wire = Good Times..


Thursday, 12 February 2009

More Films I'm Anticipating

I basically look around the inernet and come across films I'd like see. Here are some:

The Year One

Get Him to the Greek

Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are star. Brand is playing the same character as in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Aldous Snow - it's a spin-off.

Demetri Martin

I've loved Demetri Martin for a while now (yes homo), and I think it's about time I done a nice blog post honouring him. I'm basically copying Patrick's post on Aziz Ansari.

Demetri has a new show starting this month in the US, called 'Important Things'. It includes stand-up and sketches. Although, if I'm honest I'd rather just see stand-up, I'm still hoping it comes on some shitty channel in the UK. I doubt it though.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Align CentreWASTEMAN

I ♥ Aziz Ansari

Yes Homo..
I just realised, he's too good.. Evidence if you don't believe me..





Monday, 9 February 2009

Example: Credit Munch

If you like free, legal downloads and you also like Example, then you're in for a treat. Credit Munch is Eggy's new mixtape and it's got loads of songs on it, songs you can listen to with your ears. Go to his myspace and click the top banner. Free music, easy, no chance of Bill Gates knocking on your door with a print out of your Limewire Library. If you enjoy the freebie, maybe you should throw him some change by buying a t-shirt or his single or something. Karma.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Can this guy do wrong?

Like ever?

Seems like another classic.. Seth Roen is just too great


I've Got Hurt Feelings

If only half the artists out there could write a hook as good as Flight of the Conchords, the music world would be a better place. No date is set for the second series of FOTC in the UK. But as you can see from this episode 3 clip, it is sure to be a cracker.

Another Actor Flipping Out

Looks like Christian Bale isn't the only one who gets angry on set.

Friday, 6 February 2009



Much love,

Drugs & Recession

The recession is hitting all areas of our economy, at home and abroad. Prices are being driven down by the lack of demand, so this leads me to the heart of my wonderings. Has the price of Narcotics been driven down by the global recession? How about other illegal good's such as Firearms, Prostitutes, Golliwogs and Child Pornography?

The answer is probably no. These products are inelastic, mainly due to their illegal and addictive nature. They simply don't need to lower the price to sell their product, people will sacrifice other things in their lives. So, to all you Drug Dealers and Pimps out there. Keep your price stable, profit maximise.

P.S The news is annoying, they seem to only be capable of covering one story at a time: recession, recession, Andrew Sachs, Obama, recession, recession, snow, snow.



Hello I am TropicalTV. I will give you news updates every fortnight on what is going on and what you can expect from the guys at TropicalTV. So here is the first update, of many many more to come. Updating is fun. I like updates.

- Every couple of weeks Luke, Harrington, Patrick and Harry will release diaries, this will be quick VideoBlogs, to keep you up to date with what the guys have been up to.

- The youtube is a bit bleak at the moment, but do not fear Youtubers! We will be uploading all of our new videos and diaries up to Youtube aswell, expect this over the weekend.

- Pinboard featured Luke this week and done an interview with him.CLICK HERE to have a look.

- New content will be added all of the time, by next weekend you can expect our spoof video for 'Amazing by Kanye West and Young Jeezy', it will be worth the wait.

Thanks for listening, keep checking back over the blog and the video channels.

Thank you and goodbye,

Team TropicalTV

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Patrick's Video Diary 001


i broke my wrist [no, not that way] i've been somewhat M.I.A in the blogging world.. seeing as the other hand is away for 4 weeks.. video blogs should be the easy thing for me..

So whilst other Tropic members enjoy the snow.. [damn you guys] i've been doodling on my arm and hating anyone throwing snow about.. that means YOU!

It took forever to get the video done without housemates knocking my door, so if you're wondering why am whispering.. its because i am in hiding.. shhhh..


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

David Trent - Funny Man

David Trent has the best blog on the internet... well... when he writes on it. He is a good friend and one of the funniest men I have ever met, a father, stand-up comedian and primary school teacher...he is a funny beardy man.

He draws pictures on post-it notes on his blog sometimes. I like that. It's nice and they are fun.

Have a look at his blog...



When I'm older I want to be just like Giggs.

"Make your head jump like a bunny rabbit"

Shout out my boy Smokey Barz aka SB.TV.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Harrington's Video Diary # 1

Hello interweb, Harrington here.

It's that time again, with another snow day, comes another Tropical video diary. This video features me, Luke, snow, some posh kids, and the streets of Fulham. Me and Luke, rather spontaneously organised a snowball fight over facebook. He ran a few streets to my house, and the fun began (i fucked him up.) After this, we took such a snowy opportunity to film my video diary. As we were walking, we came under siege by some Italian/Russian kids. Only one of them was up for it, the other walked away and the other one, as we returned snowball fire, shouted "No, don't throw that at me, it was him! I don't care if it's snow, it hurts." We felt sorry for the young Polish child, and left them be. But it was as we were filming part of the diary that we came under attack once more, this time by some kids on private property. They were lobbing snowballs over the big black electronic gate, but the moment another resident of the private estate opened it up, we charged in to throw a few back. It was only after this, we realised that the gate had closed behind us, and we were not only trespassing, but we were trapped in with 5/6 odd energetic 14 year olds.

Anyway, at one point one of the kids shouted "hit the camera!" And they were successful, which somehow lost us half of the pretty hilarious battle footage. However, we've dragged together the rest just for you.

Namaste, and enjoy.

Harrington's Diary from Tropical on Vimeo.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Just Incase you missed it...The Race

This video was the first proper release from TropicalTV, it is a sort of trailer/sneak preview as to what you can expect from the full fledged tropicaltv output. In the meantime, make we will release diaries, and silly little things. But we have 4 new videos up throughout the next couple of weeks, one of which is a music video. Thats all I'm saying. So this has been up to watch for a good few weeks now as we were building the site, but just incase you missed it is to watch.

I obviously didn't win, but what you don't see in this video is that I predicted I would finish a tight 3rd. So in a way I did win. Yes I'm the winner.

Keep it real kids, and get running again, to many fat kids about these days, whatever happened to racing your friends? I suppose it just went out with Pokemon. Shame really.

Metronomy - A Thing For You

This is up there as one of the best videos of the year so far, Metronomy are well and truely back, the track is really good, and the video really is the shit. Big up Metronomy!

Sick right? The Hawaiin shirts are doing alot for me.

Tropical Snowstorm

Me and Harrington decided to take advantage of the snowy conditions today, in taking advantage we had a good few snow fights with total strangers, all of which were under the consenting age, don't worry we didn't touch them. But anyway, we captured bits and bobs of the snowfights and stuff on camera, so that will be put together as Harringtons first Diary entry. Check back later tonight for that! Here are some snaps from the day homies.

Keep check back at the blog! Lots of updates, lots happening. And we are funny.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Sunny Night Sky

Hey, Bunchy here.

Just a short first blog post from me, regarding the weather. I write this now, @ nearly half 2 in the morning, with no lights on in my room. Why? Because the light from the night sky is doing the business for me. I tried to take pictures, but I don't actually own a digital camera. I have my phone camera, my mum's phone camera, and a few old throw-away cameras. The latter is obviously out of the question and the quality of the phone images were too poor to upload. So I will just have to describe it to you.

Midnight is supposed to be the darkest time of the day, but today over many parts of the UK, particularly England and even more particularly, London, had some serious snowfall. It was on and off for the past 48 hours but really started going this evening at about 7pm or so. It continued to fall, and started to settle and a look outside my window now shows a good 4 or 5 inches of snow and it's still falling. But the strange thing about this night ladies and gentleman, is not the snowfalls, but the colour of the sky. It's like day, I mean to say that, any other day I would pull back my curtains to see nothing, pitch black. But tonight, I can see everything, it's practically sunny, a bright yellow sky. It's really surreal. It could easily be about 3pm, but it's not quite 3am.

I do however, have a theory which might interest you (but also, might not). My theory is, because there is such heavy snowfall, the capital is practically covered in snow. All of London's streelights have yellow bulbs. Perhaps the streelights everywhere are reflecting off of the white snow, and lighting up the night sky?

Your thoughts on this strange blog post?
- Harrington.