Saturday, 16 May 2009

Staying in tonight?

Hey Harrington fans,
... I mean, hey TTV fans!
Harrington here, back after a long blogging drought.

  • Friends flake out on you?
  • Broke your ass?
  • Or just fancy a night in with the (tropical) tellybox?

I thought I'd give some fun links for those of us staying in this Saturday night, for whatever reason. Enjoy:

Pandemic 2

- Fun flash game where the aim is to wipe out the entire human race be creating your own disease. Feel free to have some controversial fun naming your disease "Swine Flu."

Play Auditorium

- Don't really know how to describe this. Check it out though. It's a mix of a puzzle game, modern art and a musical instrument. Enjoy.

Tropical TV

- It's funzies.


- Got some spare cash in your bank? Not had dinner? Treat yourself to something exotic. This site has Jamaican food.

World of Warcraft

- Try the 10 day trial of World of Warcraft, but be prepared to sign your life away as you sink into a world of magical fun.

Google Map Fun

- Take a look at some crazy satellite photos of the world, including such things as crop circles, car accidents and aeroplanes where they shouldn't be.

Start a Website

- Use your initiative, and start your own website. It can be about literally anything, use your imagination and then become one of Tropical TV's online buddies.

I think I'll stop there. It's a pretty mediocre list if I'm honest, but it's something. In a virtual world full of social networking sites, online encyclopedias and Youtube, I'm becoming increasingly into weird and new websites, with new concepts.

Do you know one?
Send an email to or leave a comment here!

Much love,

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  1. cheers mate, i'll try and put some of them into action. get "cock n' bum flu" going.