Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weekend ish..

Student life results in many activities:

-Missing lectures
-Getting drunk
-Waking up in a bed you really shouldn't be in
-Missing more lectures..

In between the sandwich of nonesense, i find myself with some free time, and this week i decided to spend it, making some Skittles Vodka.. a concoction i only heard about this week.

Not Dissolved.. needs a lil shakin'

Dissolved.. with the sugar all on top.. needs filtering.. [sigh]

Finished Product

Coming to a houseparty near you...


oh and it's really sweet..


  1. is that pure vodka? looks proper fun

    - Harry

  2. It is.. taste like it just sweet.. you would think you won't get drunk.. and then 2mins later you would be..

  3. nice blog patty.
    if i wasn't so hungover right now, i'd love the idea.

    the colours are just so appealing!

  4. I agree It's the colours and the formidable forces of E numbers and Alcohol units... Quite obviously the result will be messy drunkeness... like any vodka based drink, also makes use of the colours I don't appreciate eating. lol

  5. What about one with all the flavours?

    Blue smartie gin next, you'll have to find the old school blue smarties though.