Saturday, 28 February 2009

I'm Louis Theroux, I'm Louis Theroux...

Harrington has infiltrated the 'World of Warcraft' community, so I thought I would put my pervy geek hat on and join the world of the chat room(like its 1999 again). A Teen chat room at that. I had a few beers before hand so I was feeling like I was Louis Theroux in the legendary Orgy episode.

Here were my findings:

I then left as I was laughing so hard Carlsberg came out of my nose, but I did discover there are still nuff' Paedos and Perverts on the internet. Stay safe kids.

Luke aka. Big WillyEst aka. Louis Theroux aka. Oprah


  1. i do miss the old internets, it was so innocent.. now look at it..

    tsk tsk.. on that note A/S/L anyone?

  2. hahaha!

    good infiltrating there mate.
    i think we should keep us this theme.
    what's next?
    second life? maybe...