Friday, 31 July 2009

Microsoft to launch "Spotify for TV"

Hey TTV Fans Harrington here,

We all love Spotify right? But how amazing would it be to to be able to not just listen to free music, but to watch free TV shows as well! Microsoft have announced their plans to launch a free streaming TV service in the coming days. "But we've already got BBC iplayer" you might say. Well stop being a BBC fanboy bitch. This service already has many programs from different channels signed up, including the likes of Tropical TV favourite, Peep Show! Plus many shows from the BBC and hopefully some shows from across the pond also. With 30 second ads every half-an-hour it'll be just like watching TV in that respect as well. It's also set to hit the Xbox 360 later this year which we are all excited about. Finally me and picky can watch episodes of Countdown together and play along without the use of the shitty board game version he bought me for Christmas. It's set to be big, and you heard it here first (unless you read it in the paper yesterday, like me.) I mean, what? Tropical TV sources it's own information...
Much love, Harrington. X

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