Sunday, 5 April 2009


A few dedicated beings may know of a little project I worked on at the turn of 2009, called RealTalkTV, it was basically me and streetwear, blogging and photographing legend Fats Shariff aka. Fatsarazzi talking alot of shit for 5-10 minutes infront of a fisheye lens. Recently I have been asked a few times when is it coming back? Whats happened to RealTalkTV? You done two and then quit...what went on? ...Well people it will be coming back, new and improved, with a slightly different format. And of course this blog will have it when new material emerges.

Until then enjoy an early January beer, burger and chat with me and Fatsarazzi. Real Talk.

Real Talk TV Episode 1 from fats shariff on Vimeo.


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