Thursday, 9 April 2009

Albums I'm Anticipating...

This post is dedicated to the fans. I was planning out in my head what albums are coming out soon, and thought I'd do a blog post about it.

Asleep in the Bread Aisle by the Bill Murray of rap Asher Roth is out on the 20th of April, which in regular people speak is 'very soon'. You may have already heard 'Lark on My Go Kart' and unless you've been living under a sound-proof rock, you've almost definately heard 'I Love College'. Many of the tracks have leaked, I've heard a couple but really I'm waiting for the album before iIjudge - cop 20/04.

Another album in definately anticipating is eagerly awaited fourth album from The Strokes, now unlike Asher Roth who's album is out in little over a week. This album is still in production, who knows when it will be released? It's The Strokes, probably be a year or so, but I'm anticipating it nonetheless.

Let's stop with all these Americans now, and have a little chat about how much I'm bloody looking forward to the new album from Mr Hudson - 'Straight No Chaser', scheduled for a summer '09 release, this Kanye West produced album gets my juices flowing - just the thought of it. We can agree that 'There Will Be Tears' is pleasurable on the old ear holes. I'm expecting big things for you Hudson, reach for them stars.

There we go, I hope everyone is happy with that, while I'm hear I will add that when Jamie T and The Cribs drop there new albums it will be a good day for music. Also Blueprint 3.

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