Wednesday, 8 April 2009

101st blog post!

Yo TTV fans!

Congratulations to Patrick for achieving the 100th Tropical TV blog post, seeing as it wasn't mentioned, I though I'd mention it.

Don't worry, I do actually have a bit of material for this post, well, just something that is annoying me. I was on Windows Live Search (I don't know why, I came across it somehow. Google ftw), formerly MSN search, and it had a list of "The top ten searches this week" or something along those lines. Quite a few search engines have this feature, and what's on the list really does annoy me.

Jade Goody was pretty much the number 1 search (apparently) for the last 2 months. Why would you search for that?! The fact that you've searched it obviously means that her story was drilled into your head from the newspapers and TV, so why would you wanna hear more? Unless you were just searching to see if she was dead yet... sad fuckers. On the BBC news site, hovering over the refresh button.

Anyway, what encouraged me to do this post in the first place was the top search this week, "Easter." That just has to be fabricated. Yeah, Easter is approaching, so maybe really weird people will search "Easter eggs" or "Easter events" or something, but not just "Easter"... who the fuck searches that?

People that are stupid enough to use any other search engine than Google, I guess.


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