Friday, 20 March 2009


Gotta big up my dawwwwg The X-O man. He is the best MC in the world over the height of 6'8ft. Yes he is really that tall. Huge man. Scary. But good.

Anyway, check out his new video below, then read a story about me and X-O Man at a party.

Yeah so, I was at a party in Brixton, and X-O Man was there, I pulled him aside as I had met him before, and we had a chat, he had an X-O Man t-shirt on that looked really good, nice design and ting. So I said 'Hey so can I get one of those then?' ...he replied 'Yeah come to the boot of my car later on, I will give you one. What size are you?' ...I replied ...'Medium please.' ...He said ...'Yeah alright come see me at my car after.' I didn't ask where he was parked and avoided him the rest of the night, 3am, Brixton, 6'8ft X-O Man, only Yemi for protection, it wasn't going to happpen. He could have killed me.

That is all.

**Note. I actually just forgot. Although he is kinda scary, I dont think he would have done anything to me that night, he could have if he wanted to though, he could easily rape me and three other men that are all over 6ft at once.

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