Monday, 16 March 2009

Nintendo Wii can make you slim...

Taken from an article in The Times:

"Encouraging children to use interactive computer games such as the Nintendo Wii is to become part of a public health drive to tackle rising rates of obesity in the young.
A pilot project involving groups of overweight children in the East Midlands, who are being given gaming systems to encourage them to do more physical activity, is to be used as part of a strategy to address sedentary lifestyles.
Highlighting the scheme in his annual report, Sir Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer, said that video gaming was a major cause of overweight and obesity in children and young adults.
He said that as stopping children playing video games was unlikely, studies and public health strategies were now focusing on the way systems could be used to improve health."

I hate fat people, but surely, you can give them tablets or something, or a bit of liposuction, video cgames are the answer to many of lifes problems(break-ups,. divorces, general unhappiness, boredom, laziness, gaining great hand eye co-ordination)...but not fatties.

Full Times article here.


  1. I want to do that woman

  2. Wii is too boring, you'll play with it for a month tops then it will sit there collecting dust..

    like any gym equipment you have ever bought..