Saturday, 21 March 2009

New Harrington diary, Alex Zane, football and some viral fun!

Hey there TTV fans.
I've been busy, very busy.

Firstly, I'll tell you about my next video diary.
I finished it a few days ago but when I uploaded it to Youtube, it got taken down straight away for copyright infringement because of part of the music that I used.
But do not fear kids, when the other TTV members remind me of the Vimeo login details (get to it lads!) I'll upload it, and you will be enlightened.

Secondly, long story short. I won a competition to play football on a team managed by XFM's Alex Zane. It was an epic evening. I received a warm welcome from him and the rest of the XFM clique before kicking off at East London's Powerleague stadium. I voluntarily started as a (super) sub and this gave me the chance to talk with some of the other winners, which consisted of 2 other indie students, hence Dave Berry coining the sub bench "The Wombats."
I went on in the second half, playing on the right wing. I got stuck in to some nasty challenges, lost my right trainer, and left with some battle scars. It ended 3-3 but was settled by a penalty shootout. I didn't have to take a penalty thanks to some other goon missing, who happened to be one of the better players, hitting both posts and losing us the game. It was a closey.

The video will be probably be uploaded to XFM's website, along with a team photo and some other stuff. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, after the match I ordered a pint on XFM's tab, and had a drink and a chat with Alex Zane who was pretty much the same as he is on the radio. What a man. There were a few people asking him for photos, but when I went up to him and said "Alex, can I bug you for another photo?" He replied "Harry Harrington, I want a picture with You."


After this, he wanted a photo for himself, of me, my girlfriend, and my buddy. So he whipped out his phone and took a personal snap.

A great night, I just hope there is a rematch. I will suggest it.

Thirdly, I've been enjoying the rest of my time playing Super Stacker. It's a pretty amazing flash game, and Super Stacker 2 is even better. I have completed them both. Proof:

So get googling, and have fun.

Namaste, Harrington.
Talking of namaste, how good was the last LOST ep?


  1. alex zane really does get about.
    and you bottled it, should have taken a penalty, fool.

  2. good shit..

    lost was so dope, but kate needs to get shot soon.