Tuesday, 3 March 2009

From (virtual) place to place...

Hey TTV fans!
Harrington here.

So, I posted a previous blog about World of Warcraft and my adventures there. I basically feel as though my time in that world is up. I have a few more days of the free trial but I don't think I'd pay to play it. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing... and I'd like to pop on now and then to see how it's developed, but the world is way too intimidating. I enjoyed my time as a warlock, but I feel if i did get into it, it would become more of a chore than anything, as it has become for so many players.

Anyway, I decided to move on, and infiltrate another online phenomenon. Second Life. I can't really be bothered to give you a long description about it, so go to Wikipedia. Still here? Fine... in a nutshell it's an online virtual world, with no goal other than to live your life. Eat, sleep, go to work, repeat... a bit of virtual sex now and then. People become seriously indulged into this world and completely lose their own identity. After hearing so much about it (including the fact that Jimmy Carr done a live gig on it), I became very intrigued, and decided to investigate, for all those Tropical fans out there.

What is all the fuss about?

My answer? - I really don't know. I hated it. Not user friendly at all, horrible graphics, and a general "what is the point?" feel to it. I just didn't find it fun whatsoever, it was boring, annoying and I just wanted to close it and watch last weeks LOST episode another time. So I did, it's now removed from my computer (although annoyingly... some files are still left behind and are non-deletable!)

"Harrington, Harrington, where's our screen shots?!"
I got it covered, here are the best 2 moments from my half hour session of Second Life.

My avatar "Bunchy Bayn" - (they choose a surname for you) sitting with my first friend, Lo, who felt like telling me he was 51, and depressed.

Bunchy Bayn again, this was when I had got sick of all the confusion and the horrible user interface. I decided to take off all my clothes, and reside at the bottom of a nearby lake.

I will now move on to infiltrate something else and report back for TTV... any suggestions?

- Harrington.

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