Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Harrington's Video Diary # 1

Hello interweb, Harrington here.

It's that time again, with another snow day, comes another Tropical video diary. This video features me, Luke, snow, some posh kids, and the streets of Fulham. Me and Luke, rather spontaneously organised a snowball fight over facebook. He ran a few streets to my house, and the fun began (i fucked him up.) After this, we took such a snowy opportunity to film my video diary. As we were walking, we came under siege by some Italian/Russian kids. Only one of them was up for it, the other walked away and the other one, as we returned snowball fire, shouted "No, don't throw that at me, it was him! I don't care if it's snow, it hurts." We felt sorry for the young Polish child, and left them be. But it was as we were filming part of the diary that we came under attack once more, this time by some kids on private property. They were lobbing snowballs over the big black electronic gate, but the moment another resident of the private estate opened it up, we charged in to throw a few back. It was only after this, we realised that the gate had closed behind us, and we were not only trespassing, but we were trapped in with 5/6 odd energetic 14 year olds.

Anyway, at one point one of the kids shouted "hit the camera!" And they were successful, which somehow lost us half of the pretty hilarious battle footage. However, we've dragged together the rest just for you.

Namaste, and enjoy.

Harrington's Diary from Tropical on Vimeo.

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