Thursday, 12 February 2009

Demetri Martin

I've loved Demetri Martin for a while now (yes homo), and I think it's about time I done a nice blog post honouring him. I'm basically copying Patrick's post on Aziz Ansari.

Demetri has a new show starting this month in the US, called 'Important Things'. It includes stand-up and sketches. Although, if I'm honest I'd rather just see stand-up, I'm still hoping it comes on some shitty channel in the UK. I doubt it though.


  1. MR MAGIK & MARLEY MARL13 February 2009 at 03:01


  2. His 'Person' dvd is soo funny, he takes sketch comedy to a next level.

    I can hook up that tv show of his btw, watched it earlier, it;s joooke

  3. His 'If I' show is good aswell, filmed in the UK, the crowd is dead though.

    You can watch 'Important Things' here:
    the part where he is playing guitar and doing the flipchart is insane.