Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bunchlock's Adventures...

So, in an earlier blog I mentioned I had started playing WoW.
Second day, and I am already into it.

It's a HUGE online world, and there's just too much to do, so I started with some of the basic quests to get me going, I've completed about 5 of them now. I've also found myself some new threads, so my level 2 warlock is now a level 4 warlock, looking a bit more snazzy (however, I did find these "new threads" on the floor in the forest.)

Picky recommended I share some screenshots, so I have.

In one you'll see I stumbled across a group of level 70's, they were on some group quest thing and were just passing by to stay at the inn. I walked over, a lost level 2, and asked rather pathetically "how do i get back to the abbey?" which got a whole lot of "lol, aww" 's.

However, they were nice and did eventually point me into the right direction, right before they all jumped on they're rides - one had a flaming horse, the other had what I can only describe as an elephant?

It's been an exciting 2 days in the world of warcraft...

Namaste, Harrington.


  1. sounds proper fun/funny

    when your trial runs out you should start on second life

  2. blaaaah prepared to be fucking addicted.
    80 paladin here :>

  3. ^thats the reason why i can never touch that game.. everr

    i would lose all my friends, fail in uni & start daydreaming bout leveling up..

  4. yeah, haha.
    second life, hmm. i might just do that.
    haha, ah man. i'm already a bit addicted.